Journal Policy

1.    Focus and Scope

International Journal of Academic Research in Applied Science (IJARAS) is an official publication of the International Society of Academic and Industrial Research (ISAIR). It is published twelve times each year as monthly issues. The issues are available on-line at our formal website:
The purpose of IJARAS is to publish articles that represent the current state of the art in applied sciences. Regular features in IJARAS include feature articles, manuals and datasheet, symposium and conference summaries, book reviews and news about the associations and companies.
IJARAS publishes original articles that are reasonably self-contained and aimed at a broad spectrum of the ISAIR community. In general, the journal does not publish articles that have been published elsewhere in whole or in part. The journal welcomes the contribution of articles on the theory and practice of applied sciences as well as general survey articles, tutorial articles on timely topics, conference or symposia or workshop reports, and reviews of books.

2.    Peer Review Process

In selecting articles for publication, the editor gives preference to those of general significance that are well written, well organized, and intelligible to the multidisciplinary IJARAS audience. Membership in our society is not a factor in selection. IJARAS aims to publish articles on top-quality work with important impact, and to introduce readers from one area of applied sciences to the state of the art in other important areas. Articles will usually take a broad view or provide an example shedding light on a broad area, and may summarize research that has been previously published in more technical publications.
Results of the review process are normally available within four months of submission. Especially long submissions or submissions received during the submissions or reviewing period of a major conference may require additional time.
Outcomes of the review process include acceptance, acceptance with revisions but without re-review, revise and resubmit, or rejection. Articles that are consistently rejected include those that are overly commercial in tone, poorly written or organized, too specialized or esoteric, too elementary, or too long or that cover material already dealt with in IJARAS.
If authors are encouraged to revise and resubmit a submission, there is no guarantee that the resubmission will be reviewed by the same reviewers or that the revised submission will be accepted. Submissions with a recommendation to revise and resubmit may be resubmitted only one time.
Rejected articles will not be re-reviewed by the journal. All scholarly submissions (articles) first receive a preliminary assessment to determine their suitability for the focus, target audience, and style of the magazine. Submissions judged potentially suitable are then given an in-depth anonymous peer review, typically by 2-4 experts. Reviewers judge submissions for timeliness of topics, significance, and technical quality. Extensive review comments are provided only when necessary to authors whose manuscripts are conditionally accepted for publication.

3.    Publication Frequency

Articles in this journal are published in monthly issues. The journal editors often group articles according to themes.

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